Yelp Profile Challenge

YeLP Profile Challenge



“Create a new design for the Yelp user profile page. Optimize your design to promote social behavior between existing users and for new users to sign up. You do not have to design a complete flow (for example send a compliment).” 

Below is a case study on how I approached the challenge, the design decisions I made, final designs and recommendations for next steps.

Starting with why

After reading the challenge, I tried to understand why I was redesigning the profile page. If the goal was to “promote social behaviour between existing users and for new users to sign up” was redesigning the profile page really the best solution for this goal? I proceeded to investigate existing features of Yelp and to explore alternative paths for achieving the same goal.



During this phase, I worked towards understanding the app, the people using it and imagining different solutions to enhance the current experience. This resulted in multiple sketches, steps for various journeys and preliminary wireframes. I zoomed out and explored how social engagement impacted the entire Yelp app before defining the role of the Profile page and what to include. 

Pain Points, Possible Solutions, Planning 

General brainstorming by listing out user steps, possible solutions and a specific use case for planning.

Dining Experiences - Holistic Overview & Potential Touch Points

I broke down the dining experience into the three phases to figure out which touch points were the most important and used this exercise as inspiration for improving the Yelp profile.

Holistic Experience.png

Bringing it all togetheR

I began at a micro level and thought of components that would immediately enhance the sharing experience, such as location cards and profile cards. During this phase I jumped back and forth between revisiting my research, wireframing, sketching and creating mock-ups. 

Use Cases

Narrowing in on specific use cases proved to be helpful for me to imagine the role of the profile page in future scenarios. Referring back to these scenarios help ground the design decisions that followed.


Design Decisions

I found that in order to design the profile page, it was more important to design the components that laid outside of it. Designing the flow of how they would get to the profile, how they would share their profile, create reviews to go on their profile or share collections from their profile were key to the overall experience. Below I’ve outlined parts of the profile experience I chose to redesign and how together they align to improve social engagement.


Facebook Messenger.png

Profile and Location Cards

These were the first things that came to mind when improving the experience. I've seen people struggle to share locations so many times and knew that this feature would be beneficial based off of my personal experiences. 



Adding Reviews


I re-ordered the steps to adding a review and shifted the importance of adding a photo. 

Location Page.png

Location Page Reviews

Currently it takes a lot of scrolling to actually get to the review page on Yelp. With the redesign, reviews are immediately below the location overview. Photos were removed because they can be located within the header image. 

Adding Photos

This screen shows what it looks like when people have added photos from their camera roll. 

Location Page 2.png

Helpful, Comment, Share

We should encourage people to share specific reviews. Helpful, Comment and Share are more familiar terms for people and would encourage more interaction. 


Bookmarks, Lists & City Guides 

All Bookmarks.png

All Bookmarks

These are all your saved locations. It’s a fact that people want to stalk other people and see where they’ve been, so create lists for your friends to stalk here.  



Creating lists helps people organize and categorize their bookmarks so that they can more easily find the bookmarks and share with friends.

City Guides

It would be neat for people to be able to bookmark their favourite locations within a specific city and create helpful lists.

Favourite Cafes.png

Curate & Follow

Allowing people to curate the places they’ve been and create lists/collections to share. Users can choose to follow lists created by other people as well.

Toronto City Guide.png

Discover Cities

Consolidating bookmarks of your favourite locations within the context of a city will help you plan and enjoy your time in your own city or when visiting foreign cities. 

Your Profile & Review Posts

Your Profile

After working on the above pages in tangent with designing the profile page everything started to fall together. On this screen you see your favourite reviews that you’ve written. Clicking on the image brings you to the review post you’ve created. 

Mazarine Coffee - Your Review.png

Review Posts

Currently, when you write a review for a place, your review just ends up looking like everyone else’s review and there’s nothing to identify that it’s your review. This is what a personal review post would look like. Clicking the arrow on the right leads you to the location page. You can also easily share and edit your posts.


Next Steps

I believe that the Yelp platform can work towards delivering a more personalised app experience for people. We should empower existing users to become advocates; to share, curate, collect, and reflect on their experiences with local and global businesses. What if we modified Yelp’s current mission statement? 

Connecting individuals to local and global communities through celebrating and documenting personal experiences. Along the way, we hope to enrich lives of consumers and small business owners and provide the most helpful information possible about local businesses.

How would we design Yelp differently if the goal was to help people celebrate and document personal experiences