Verified trusted digital credentials on the blockchain


August 2017 - January 2018
SAP Labs, Palo Alto  


I worked in a team with two other designers, five developers and our manager.

My Role

UX Researcher, Wireframing, UI/UX, Visual Design



Project Overview 

When I joined the TrueRec team, they had just launched a beta version of the application. As the newest designer on the team, my role was to bring a fresh perspective to exploring the applications of this specific technology.

I led the design of an online demo experience that allowed people to experience a simulated version of what it might be like to request a certificate from TrueRec.

The demo goals were:

  1. Give people a chance to interact with our app

  2. Educate people on what TrueRec is through this interaction

  3. Show the behind the scenes of how blockchain works



I spent a lot of time creating diagrams to communicate and breakdown concepts around blockchain. The image below visualizes how our application works and specifically at which points of the experience information is being written to and retrieved from the blockchain.