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Designing a film festival experience

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May 2016 - July 2016
Siggraph 2016/ Christie Digital Inc. 

The Team

Roy C. Anthony - Computer Animation Festival Chair & Manager
Vib Soundrarajah - Digital Media Designer
Dustin Rochford - Motion Designer

My Role

Graphic Designer: Brand identity, logo designs, storyboarding, interstitial designs, marketing design


Project Overview 

In 2016 I had the amazing opportunity to design for The Siggraph 2016 Computer Animation Festival while working at Christie Digital. I worked with the Computer Animation Festival Committee to develop a complete film festival experience and lead the graphic identity development for the four day-time select shows (The Arcade, Break it Down, Winner's Circle and Demoscene).


Logo Designs

I began this project by collaborating with the directors to understand their vision and the concepts behind each show. Through constant iterations and feedback sessions I translated the unique narrative of each festival category into logo designs. 

The Arcade - Iterations.png

Animated Logo 

Break it Down features films that reveal the techniques and technology that go into creating stunning visual effects. I created a concept for the logo that draws a parallel between the steps that go into creating a 3-D object (points - lines - shapes - colors - rendered object) and the behind the scenes work that goes into creating special effects. I realized I needed to create an animated logo to represent this idea so I used After Effects to bring it to life. 


Interstitial Designs

Interstitial designs were important to maintain the flow of the shows. Each show featured a list of curated films, which required a thoughtful transition from one film to another. I storyboarded the interstitial designs and provided art direction. Every aspect of the interstitial design was carefully considered including what specific scene from the film to use as a backplate image. I worked closely with our motion designer to bring the designs to life. 

Winner's Circle Interstitial.gif
Break it down interstitial.gif

What I learned

Designing for the Computer Animation Festival was a truly unique experience that introduced me to the world of film, animation and title design. I learned about the art of storytelling and the importance of the tiniest of details in things that typically go unnoticed, such as interstitials.

It stretched me as a designer to simultaneously create design elements while considering how these individual pieces would come together to become part of a larger event narrative and experience. 

Opening Ceremony for The Computer Animation Festival

Opening Ceremony for The Computer Animation Festival

The Arcade Viewing

The Arcade Viewing