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Passion Projects


passion projects

One of the highlights of my university career was participating and learning at Hackathons. These are a few of my past projects.



Product Designer, DementiaHack 2017 (Grand Prize Winners), March 2017

Memo is a personal assistant for Dementia Patients built on Amazon Alexa that passively collects and analyzes patient data through natural voice. This data helps researchers capture a patient's "real-life" cognitive abilities and caregivers to predict future episodes or emergencies. Our team is currently developing memo. 



Product Designer, MHacks 2017, March 2017

While brainstorming ideas, my team and I realized there needed to be a new way for people to collect personal information when meeting someone for the very first time. We created a NFC Business Card and Android App that allows you to swap information with someone by simply tapping your card on their phone. We're excited to continue developing this idea and exploring a new form of exchanging information.



UI/UX Designer, BreakInequality Hackathon, November 2016

This was an Android app developed during Google's BreakInequality Hackathon where we were building solutions for women in Bangladesh. Charity and non profit organisations are often understaffed and this can result in health workers being overworked. HealthSimple aims to make their lives a little easier by providing an all in one concept of smooth and paper free data collection and feeding it back to the patient in terms they can understand.