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Hi! I'M kitty


Recent graduate from The University of Waterloo, Global Business and Digital Arts program. Currently working with a small team at SAP Labs in Palo Alto to build a blockchain app that offers trusted digital credentials

As a product designer, I focus on the entire journey of the product from defining a real need and direction to executing the vision and building a relationship with users. My passion lies in developing products and services that have long-lasting social impact. 

When I’m not designing, I’m probably lost outside obsessing over great architecture, drinking coffee, endlessly reading and admiring beautiful cafes. Here's a peak at some of the adventures I've been on. 

Thanks for visiting!

Favourite Quotes: 

 "But most of all I am a hippie with a business plan, that’s what every good designer should be from my point of view. Because what I do is about ideas and emotions, but it is also about making things happen within the now." - Daan Roosegaarde

"The concept and practice of openness is foundational to creating enduring beauty. Nature’s default setting is open. It is regenerative and restorative, and so should we be.” - Alan Moore